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To email me, write to catherinesatterlee@gmail.com

I love the slow, deliberate process of hand-building. Texture usually inspires me—an air vent, a door mat, beach stones, a kimono, all have been inspirations. I often work in series, but each piece is unique. I'm a Washington DC native who works across the river in Arlington VA at the Lee Arts Center ceramics studio.

Introduced to ceramics at Bennington College in the late 60s, I returned to clay only once during a forty year career in the arts. But in 2014, after retiring from the contemporary art exhibitions business, I turned to ceramics in earnest. Since then, my work has been selected for a solo show and included in several exhibitions:

Creative Crafts Biennial 2019

The Art League Gallery, Tabletop Exhibit 2019

James May Gallery, The Art of Water 2019

Cross MacKenzie Gallery, Holiday Cheer Finalist 2018

Strictly Functional Pottery National 2018

Bridget Beari Home Store, featured artist 2018

Creative Crafts Biennial 2017

Micro Gallery, Arlington VA, HIVE: Catherine Satterlee Ceramics 2016